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  • Do I need a passport?
    No passport is required for your trip to the Bahamas.
  • How many people can sleep in my cabin?
    A cabin can be booked with up to 5 people. The more people in a cabin the less you will pay. Use the buddy system.
  • Will there be a meeting during the cruise.
    Yes, there will not be a lot of meetings like we have had in the past because we are on ship and space is at a premium. We will conduct business during the cruise but the majority of the time will be your time.
  • Is it cheaper to book this cruise online versus calling the booking agent?
    No, due to the fact that there are weekly specials the prices will vary if you are quoted a price that you see cheaper online the booking agent will match it.
  • Will there be a service initiative?
    Yes, we are looking to have a service initiative while we are on the island.