Genuinely, Committed to achieving excellence and producing exceptional Results” 

The Gulf Coast Region of Iota Phi Theta® Fraternity, Inc. originally consisted of (AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, OK, and TX).  In 2001, a re-organization of the Region was performed due to the growth of new chapters.  The Gulf Coast Region was split into two regions, the Gulf Coast Region (AL, FL, GA, and MS) and the Southern Region (AK, LA, OK, and TX). 

In 2003, the Southeast Region which originally consisted of (VA, NC, and SC), was dissolved and the states were redistributed to the Gulf Coast Region and the newly created Eastern Region.  Therefore, SC was added to the Gulf Coast Region.

In 2003, the Gulf Coast Region consisted of (AL, FL, GA, MS, and SC) under the leadership of Regional Polaris, Bro. Joseph L. Little.  Later, the Bahamas was added to the scope of the Gulf Coast Region.

With the split of the Gulf Coast Region and the new addition of SC and the Bahamas, the Gulf Coast Region became one of the most historic Regions in IOTA®. The Gulf Coast Region Executive Board continues to guide the Region and brothers into new frontiers and is one of the most powerful and respected Regions in the Fraternity.

Currently, the Gulf Coast Region has about 30 Undergraduate Chapters and 9 Alumni Chapters.

GCR in the Grand Council

The Gulf Coast brothers believe there are no limits when achieving one’s goals and excelling in leadership within the organization. This is apparent by the current and former leaders who have taken their abilities to the international level.

  • Bro. Daryle L. Swatzie served as former Regional Polaris (1996-2001) and Regional Board of Directors’ representative (2007-2009).  Bro. Swatzie served as the Fraternity’s International Grand Treasurer.
  • Bro. Joseph L. Little served as the Regional Polaris (2001-2009). Bro. Little also served as the Vice Chairman for the Board of Directors.
  • Bro. Karl A. Roberts, Sr. served as the Regional Polaris (2009-2013). He previously served as the National Director of Military Affairs (2005-2009) and National Sergeant-At-Arms (2009-2013). 
  • Bro. Christopher Greggs served as Regional Polaris (2013-2017). He is currently the Regional Board of Directors’ representative.  He formerly served as Regional Secretary (2005-2010), Asst. Regional Polaris (2010-2011) and International Grand Executive Secretary (2011-2013).
  • Bro. Jerry Johnson is the immediate Regional Polaris (2017-2021). He previously served as Asst. Regional Polaris (2013-2017).
  • Bro. David Odige served as the National Director of Community Service-Outreach
  • Bro. Louis Valsaint served as the National Director of Training & Development
  • Bro. Ben Izeh served as the National Director of Marketing.
  • Bro. Andre Brennan Jr. served as the 2nd International Grand Vice Polaris
  • Bro. Michael Robinson served as the National Director of Membership Services.
  • Bro. Taijuan Clayton served as the National Director of Membership Services.
  • Bro. Anthony Harden serves as the International Grand Treasurer.
  • Bro. Esset Tate serves as the National Director of Programs.
  • Bro. Sir Arthur Edwards serves as the National St. Jude Liaison.
  • Bro. Brian Johnson serves as the National St. Jude Liaison.
  • Bro. Carlos Maury serves as the National Director of Technology.
  • Bro. Justin Stephens serves as the International 2nd Grand Vice Polaris.

Regional Motto: “We are brothers steadfast in exuding excellence and scholastic achievement, superior in leadership, and resolute in providing service to our communities.”